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Head Start - Outstanding Contribution Award!

Exciting news  – our ‘Head Start’ project has been awarded an outstanding contribution award. Speaking at the event at Edgbaston Cricket Ground, host Carl Chinn had this to say about our work here at Birmingham Careers Service with Elected Home Educated young people.

‘Sandra and her team at Birmingham Careers Service have driven through an innovative project this year developing a careers information and guidance offer for students in year 11 who have elected not to attend school. A sometimes-forgotten cohort of young people who have disengaged from the system for a variety of reasons and who therefore are not receiving their full entitlement to career development activities. Through this project Sandra has developed a best practice solution which will inform both locally and nationally, the development of a careers provision for home educated young people ensuring that they too can take their best next step.

Head Start is an exciting new package of FREE support from Birmingham Careers Service, for young peoplein year 11 who are home educated and their parents/carers. 

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