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2020 H.E. Students

The latest information for students who are looking to start University in 2020 has been released from Universities Minister Michelle Donelan. More information can be found here

Universities Minister has asked all HE institutions NOT to change their offers to students for two weeks to maintain “stability”. He said this is to ensure student’s best interests are safeguarded.

This means Universities should refrain from as an example converting conditional offers to unconditional offers OR changing their entry requirements.

Some Universities have done this to secure their intake of students for 2020/21 academic year in response to the cancellation of all level 3 exams including BTEC and A levels.

The minister continued there is already anxiety amongst students and that all students will be provided the grades they need .The measures will hopefully ensure students are not pressured to make decisions which may not be in their best interest.

The government has also stated it wants to ensure minimum disruption for students so that they can move on to their next stage as planned including university ,employment or apprenticeship.

There is a number you can ring if you have other concerns in relation to the above.

0370 000 8300 (these calls may be charged)

Impact of cancellation of exams due to Covid19 for academic yr ending 2020.

Source: DofE 20 March 2020.

The exam regulator and exam boards will work together with teachers to provide grades to students whose exams have been cancelled this summer due to measures to prevent the spread of Covid19.

This will ensure GCSE , A and AS level students will get the grade which fairly reflects the work they have put in.

Ofqual ( Exam regulator) will work with teachers and exam boards work together to ensure fairness and consistency and reflects the performance and effort of students. The process will include asking teachers to submit their judgment about the grade they believe the student would have received if exams had gone ahead.

To do this the teachers will take into account a range of evidence including performance in mock exams and any non-exam assessment available.

There will be clear guidance given to all schools and colleges to allow them to do this fairly and consistently.

The aim of all the above information is to provide a calculated grade for the student.

It is intended that the calculated grades will be provided by end of July.

These grades will be permanent and no different from previous years.

The aim is also to ensure the distribution of grades follows a similar.pattern to previous years so that this year’s student is not disadvantaged in any way.

The DofE has also said that if students are not satisfied with the grade awarded to them they will be allowed to appeal. This could be on the grounds they feels correct process was not followed .

However if they feel the grade awarded does not reflect their performance or effort they will have the opportunity to sit the exam at the earliest opportunity or take the exam in summer 2021.

The DofE is asking all institutions who offer the full range of academic and vocational or technical exams to show the maximum flexibility and pragmatism to ensure students are not disadvantaged.

Ofqual continue to work with these organisations and about to provide further guidance to them shortly.

The DofE are continuing to work with Ofqual to explore options for awarding grades to private candidates including home educated students.

Finally the Government will not publish any school or educational performance data based on tests ,assessments or exams for 2020.

There is a DofE helpline which may clarify any of the above or if you have other queries.

Telephone:0800 046 8687