Colleges offering GCSEs in September 2022

Birmingham Metropolitan College

Will only be able to re-sit English and Maths alongside a Level 2 vocational course. 

Humanities GCSE (Three Year A Level route) – will study 5 GCSE Humanities based qualifications including GCSE Maths and English Language in year 1. This course is being held at the Sutton Coldfield Campus.

Will need a minimum grade 3 to be able to re-sit.

South and City College

5 GCSE course one year course where the student will study English, Maths and Combined Science Trilogy (double award).  The student will also be required to study one of the following Psychology, Business, Physical Education or Statistics. 

A good standard of English and Maths is required to be enrolled on this course; if the student has previously studied GCSE it is expected they have achieved a grade 3 in both English and Maths or level 2 functional skills.

Can also do GCSE English and Maths or functional alongside vocational courses.

Joseph Chamberlain College

English and Maths can only be studied alongside a vocational course.

One-year course.

Requires minimum 2 x grade 4s including a grade 3 or above in GCSE English Language/Literature and grade 2 in Maths.  

Solihull College

GCSE English and Maths – part time provision route. Also, able to study English and Maths if enrolled on a full time course.

Also offering functional skills part time.

16-18 year olds must have minimum grade 3 in English/Maths. 

These will be offered at 2 campuses, Blossomfield and Woodlands.

Heart of Worcestershire College

GCSE in English Language (Level 2) – interview and pre-course writing task.  Must also have GCSE grade 3 and or Level 2 English Language or Literature.

GCSE in Maths level 2 – minimum requirements grade 3.

Cadbury 6th Form College

Students can re-take GCSE English, Maths and Science alongside a Level 2 qualification. 

Cambridge Technical qualifications (CTEC) level 2 are offered in Business, Health and Social Care, Creative Performance and Science.

Must have already achieved a grade 3 in English and Maths.

Sandwell College

GSCE English, Maths and Biology are being offered to 16-18 year olds alongside studying for another qualification.

If the student already has a Grade 3 in English and Maths, they must attend Maths and/or English classes to study to gain a Grade 4.

If they have attained Grade 2-3 or below in English and Maths, they will attend Functional Skills until they reach Level 1 then can progress onto English and Maths GCSE. 

Halesowen College

English, Maths and Science – must have grade 3 to re-sit.           

Can only be studied alongside a vocational course.    

University College Birmingham

English and Maths are offered alongside their full-time programme. 

The student must have achieved a minimum grade 3 in English and Maths.

Access Creative College

Able to study English and Maths once enrolled onto a full-time course.

Must have achieved grade 3 in English/Maths.

Birmingham Ormiston Academy

One-year GCSE resit programme taking English/Maths by the end of year 12. 

Must have minimum grade 3.

Solihull 6th Form College

Able to take GCSE English and Maths alongside a BTEC course.

Must have a grade 3 in English or Maths to retake.

If the student has a grade 3 or below in both English Language and Maths, they will not be able to take a place with the 6th form.